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New artists added for the months of January and February

What a privilege it has been to be Music Director here at Encouraging Radio for almost an entire year (I began mid-March of last year) and to have had the opportunity to learn about and add so many amazing Christian artists to our new music catalog. I’m so grateful and look forward to continuing my quest!

For the months of January and February, we added many wonderful, new artists that I’m excited to be sharing with all of you. They are….Vertical Church Band, Abandon, Jared Anderson, Jon Guerra, Martin Smith, Woodside Worship, another new song by Francesca Battistelli, Sherry Muchira, Bifrost Arts, Sixteen Cities, Aaron Keyes, BridgeCity, Will Retherford, and JJ Heller.

Hope you are already enjoying all these new additions and please let us know how we can make your listening experience an even more meaningful one. We are always open to new suggestions. Thanks for tuning in!

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An update for the months of November and December

First off, hope everyone is off to a great start this New Year!

Here at Encouraging Radio, we are greatly anticipating 2015 to be a year full of God’s goodness and looking forward to His mercies that are new every morning….as well as exciting new additions to our music catalog. We love discovering new music and passing it along to our listeners!

With that said, let’s take a look at the new music that was added for the months of November and December of last year. A lot can happen in just 2 months! We added many new artists to our playlist including Shelly E. Johnson, For The Fatherless, Lauren Daigle, Page CXVI, Jason Gray, Aaron Shust, Unspoken, Carrollton, Chris August, Lindsay McCaul, Blanca, OBB, Natalie Grant, Plumb, The Royal Royal, Cloverton, Future Of Forestry, Jill Paquette DeZwaan, and Shelly Moore. Also, we added new songs by Family Force 5, Hello Industry, Love & The Outcome, Andrew Peterson, for KING & COUNTRY, and NEEDTOBREATHE.

We hope that you’re enjoying these new additions and hope that you will let us know if there are any artists that you would personally like to see us add in the future. We are always open to any suggestions that you may have that might help make your listening experience…well,…more Encouraging. 🙂

May everyone have a happy, healthy, blessed New Year!

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An update for the month of October

So…..most of last month was spent on putting together a new Christmas music catalog for Encouraging Radio for everyone to begin enjoying end of November! That was a really fun project. 🙂

The artists who had Christmas songs that we were able to add to the new Christmas music catalog are the following….Anthony Skinner, Chris August, Everfound, for KING & COUNTRY, Sidewalk Prophets, Meredith Andrews, Love & The Outcome, Big Daddy Weave, Francesca Battistelli, Dara Maclean, NEEDTOBREATHE, Jason Castro, Rob Higginbotham, The Lovespies, Jars Of Clay, Andy Gullahorn, John Waller, Ayiesha Woods, Christa Wells, Andrew Peterson, Carolyn Arends, Esterlyn, Matt Papa, Robbie Seay Band, Citizens & Saints, Brady Toops, Jenny & Tyler, Andy Cherry, Fellowship Creative, Koine’, Sara Groves, Family Force 5, and instrumentals by Invincible Czars, Mano Reza, and Mister Link.

And, we even managed to still add 2 new artists to our regular music catalog which were Kate Hurley and Brightwork. I imagine you have already been enjoying the 2 new additions. They both bring something really special to the table in their own unique ways.

Anyway, as always, if you have any suggestions or recommendations on how we can make your listening experience a more meaningful one, please let us know!

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New artists added for the month of September

When I think just how far we have come since March 2014, I get really excited. Encouraging Radio has come a long way within a few short months and the artists that we added this month only continue to add to the progress being made. For the month of September, we had the privilege of adding Jason Eaton Band, Climbing Blind, Jason Bare, Hank Murphy, Tim Neufeld, Jenny & Tyler, Andy Cherry, and some new released music by Boiling Point. We really appreciate these artists allowing us to add their songs to our music catalog. If you have a favorite artist/song or have suggestions of artists who you might like to hear, please let us know! We’re here to encourage YOU.

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New artists added for the month of August

We’re making progress! For the month of August, we added the following artists to our new music catalog….Cadence, Boiling Point, Summit Worship, Summit FutureNow, Brady Toops, John Tibbs, Jonas Park & David Bollmann, added more songs by Lightswitch, and added new radio singles by Dara Maclean, Everfound, Sidewalk Prophets, and Switchfoot. So far so good. Really excited about the steady improvements that are being made each month! We certainly hope you’re enjoying the new music being added every week. Let us know if you have a favorite artist.

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New artists added for the month of July

So pleased to be able to share that the following artists have been added to Encouraging Radio’s music catalog and are certainly contributing to the improved new sound that just seems to get better every month. For the month of July, we have added United Pursuit, Sara Groves, The Blackthorn Project, Rend Collective, Citizens, Fellowship Creative, and radio singles by About A Mile, NEEDTOBREATHE, Everfound, for KING & COUNTRY, Skillet, Group 1 Crew, Big Daddy Weave, Francesca Battistelli, Family Force 5, and Love & The Outcome. We’re certainly excited about these new artists’ additions and all the new songs that have come from that. Thanks for listening!

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New artists added for the month of June

New artists added to our playlist for the month of June–

We’re making a little more progress every month and the sound of Encouraging Radio is continually improving, which we’re really happy about. For the month of June, we have added the following artists to our music catalog…Ian Yates (from the UK), Koine’, The Incandescent, The Band Justus, Bread Of Stone, Kim Dexter, We Are The Monks, Trent Monk, Lightfall, and we’ve added more songs by August Rain. Many thanks to all the artists for allowing us to share their music with our listeners!

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New artists added to our playlist for the month of May

We’re really making some progress and the sound of Encouraging Radio is continually improving every week. For the month of May, we have added the following artists to our music catalog….Andrew Kwon, Foundry Songs, Callie McKinney, Carolyn Arends, Downhere, Ashley Cleveland, Jeff and Suzanne Whatley, Esterlyn, Matt Papa, Broken Vessels, Robbie Seay Band, and Fernando Ortega. Really excited about the direction we’re headed in! Thanks to all our listeners and to all the artists who are blessing us by allowing us to play their songs.

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New artists added for the month of April

Encouraging Radio is so pleased to share that for the month of April the following artists were added to our playlist….Amanda Falk, According To John, John Waller, Ayiesha Woods, Sarah Macone, Ashley Warren, More Than Rubies, Jaron And Katherine Kamin, Christa Wells, Gungor, Adam Wheatley, Andrew Peterson, Ghost Ship, Matt And Cameron Hammon, Ellie Holcomb, Grover Levy, All Sons & Daughters, Sovereign Grace Music, and Sarah Kelly…So far so good! Looks like we’re off to a great start. Many thanks to all the artists for allowing us to play their music!

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The revamping of Encouraging Radio

Here at Encouraging Radio we have some really great things going on! We are revamping our music catalog and over the past 3 weeks we have already added the following artists/bands to our playlist…Satellites & Sirens, Silverline, Tom Lane, Anthony Skinner, 100 Portraits, Karla Adolphe, Enter The Worship Circle, Todd Warren, Shane Martin, Charla Rainey, Jars of Clay, David Mullen, and Andy Gullahorn….And, we’re just getting started! Enjoy!

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